Two student laying in the grass and studying.

Student Policies

All University of St. Thomas students are expected to be familiar with and to comply with the university’s mission, convictions, university policies, and applicable law. We call these our “community standards.”

This page highlights some of the policies applicable to students and related information and procedures. Additional policies applicable to students are contained in the University Policy Repository. You should review the University Policy Repository to make sure you are familiar with the policies it contains.

Individual schools, colleges, divisions and departments within the university also may adopt policies that apply to students who study or work in those schools, colleges, divisions or departments or receive services from them. We call these policies “unit policies.” Unit policies are not required to be contained in the University Policy Repository. They generally are available on the school, college or department website or in a handbook available from the school, college or department.

You should read our mission, convictions and policies carefully. If you have questions about community standards, contact the Dean of Students.

The University of St. Thomas policies are continually being re-examined to reflect the needs and values of our community. As such, St. Thomas reserves the right to modify or cancel any policy, statement or procedure at any time, and such changes may not be immediately reflected. The policies and statements are not an irrevocable contract, and the University reserves the right to change any policy or practice from time to time.