Assisting Students

The Dean of Students Office is an immediate resource and partner for you if you have questions or concerns about the welfare or behavior of a student. Our services run the spectrum from providing emergency meal vouchers and emergency student loans to intervention in a crisis situation. We are pleased to consult if you want to explore options in serving a student. Please contact us at 651-962-6050 or review the following information:

Support and Advocacy:

Students often need assistance with emergency needs.

  • We provide emergency food support to students with food vouchers to eat in T's or The View.
  • We maintain a listing of potential legal services to which students can be referred depending on their concern.
  • We provide emergency student loans up to $700.00 within an academic year. Students must repay the loan within 60 days.
  • We provide emergency assistance with the purchase or rental of textbooks
  • We collaborate with the Career Development Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, Health Services, International Student Services, Student Diversity & Inclusion Services, and Academic Counseling & Support to serve the interests of students.
  • We are the coordination point for student sexual misconduct complaints. If a student shares an incident with you, please refer the student to us for assistance. We would be glad to come to your office if useful. If the student is not willing to report the incident to us at this time, you may make an anonymous report to our office. Please contact 651-962-6050.

Student Behavior:

The Dean of Students Office is a resource for you if you have concerns about a student's behavior in the classroom or work setting. Please contact us for strategies or assistance in developing a response to your particular situation. You may choose to access the guide for response to student behavior or you may refer students to the CARE Team, the University’s behavioral intervention team.

  • The CARE Team is an interdepartmental committee convened by the Dean of Students Office whose purpose is to make the effort to strategically approach and support students who seem to be having difficulty within the St. Thomas community. The ultimate goal is to effectively increase student retention and success within the university.
  • The University Action and Response Team (UART) is an interdisciplinary committee convened by the Dean of Students and the Director of Public Safety. The purpose of the committee is to create a safe environment for all St. Thomas community members. The committee has a proactive agenda which includes conducting environmental (external and internal) scans, ongoing review and update of campus crisis plans, and performing threat assessments.

If you have further questions or concerns contact the Dean of Students Office at 651-962-6050.