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Myers (THEO), director

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The Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC) offer a cooperative major in women’s studies. Women’s studies is an interdisciplinary program which takes gender as its critical term of inquiry, exploring it as a social construct and analyzing its impact on traditional disciplines. As an interdisciplinary major and minor, women’s studies spans the curriculum, incorporating many disciplines in a diverse and stimulating package of courses. Courses consider historical and contemporary contexts from multicultural and multiracial perspectives, and focus on the intersections of race, class, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, and culture.

Students in the program learn how to analyze social forces and assumptions that have shaped women’s lives on individual, national, and global levels. This flexible program of study combines theoretical, practical and research components and provides preparation for both advanced study and professional work, for example, in organizations focusing on women, in human relations departments of corporations, and in health or legal professions.

Women’s studies majors and minors are encouraged to study abroad. Specific courses taken abroad may substitute for St. Thomas requirements. See the director of women’s studies, a study abroad advisor in the International Education Center, or Academic Information & Programs in the front section of this catalog for program options.

Major in Women’s Studies

  • WMST 205 Foundations in Women’s Studies (4 credits)
  • WMST 327 Feminist Theory (4 credits)
  • Internship Course (designated as Individual Study)
  • WMST 480 Women’s Studies Seminar (4 credits) or a Directed Research Project may be substituted with approval of campus director


  • Approved Women’s Studies electives within the following categories:
    • Eight elective credits
    • Twelve upper-level elective credits
    • Four credits in global/racial/ethnic elective

Note: The elective credits must be either 8 credits within the Humanities and 12 credits within Social /Natural Sciences, or 12 credits within Humanities and 8 credits within Social/Natural Sciences.  

Minor in Women’s Studies

  • WMST 205 Foundations in Women’s Studies (4 credits) 


  • Approved Women’s Studies electives within the following categories:
    • Eight credits in Humanities
    • Eight credits in Social Sciences/Natural Sciences


  • WMST 480 Women’s Studies Seminar (4 credits) or a Directed Research Project may be substituted with approval of campus director

Note: The seminar can count as one of the Humanities or Social/Natural science courses.

Transfer students:

Students who transfer to St. Thomas and wish to complete a major or minor in Women’s Studies are urged to consult with the director of Women’s Studies immediately upon transfer.


Course Number Title Credits
WMST  205 Found in Women's Studies 4
WMST  243 Individual Study 2 OR 4
WMST  269 Research 2 OR 4
WMST  297 Topics 4
WMST  389 Research 2 OR 4
WMST  393 Individual Study 2 OR 4
WMST  476 Experiential Learning 2
WMST  478 Experiential Learning 4
WMST  480 Women's Studies Seminar 4
WMST  491 Individual Study 2 OR 4
WMST  495 Individual Study 2 OR 4

Courses available for this program

Letter following the course number indicates the institution offering the course:

A Augsburg College
C College of St. Catherine
H Hamline University
T University of St. Thomas

Note: Courses having a potential for duplication of material are marked with an asterisk (*). Students should consult with the director of the program to avoid duplicating courses. Credit will not be given toward the major for two courses that overlap substantially in content. Students cannot satisfy more than one distribution requirement within the program with any given course. 

Topics courses in any of these categories may be selected with the approval of the program director.

Humanities Courses

  • ART 352A* Women and Art
  • ENL 367A* Women and Fiction
  • REL 441A* Feminism and Christianity
  • HIST 3560C* Women in America to 1920
  • PHIL 320C* Business Ethics
  • PHIL 390C* Feminist Philosophy
  • COMM 1000C Introduction to Communication: Women and Social Change
  • SPCM 207C* Gender and Rhetoric
  • COMM 3100C* Communicating Across Cultures, Identities and Differences
  • COMM 4600C* Leadership and the Art of Persuasion
  • THR 4994C Women in Theater
  • THEO 338C* Women and the Bible
  • THEO 3850C* Human Sexuality: Theological and Spiritual Explorations
  • ENG 3570H* Women and Literature
  • ARTH 260T* Women in Ancient Art and Culture
  • ARTH 297T Women in the Ancient World
  • CLAS 245T* Classical Mythology
  • CLAS 397T* Topics: Gender
  • COJO 328T* Communication of Race, Class, and Gender
  • ENGL 218T* Literature by Women: Critical History
  • ENGL 341T* Literature by Women: Critical Questions
  • HIST 268T Women in the United States
  • MUSC 297T “Women’s Work” in Music
  • THEO 428T Women and the Old Testament
  • THEO 429T* Women and the Christian Tradition
  • THEO 431T Women in the Early Church

Social Science and Natural Science

  • INS 233A Women: A Cross Cultural Perspective
  • BIOL 1120C* Biology of Women
  • IDSC 291C* Anatomy of Violence
  • PSYC 3150C* Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
  • SOCI 3210C* Family, Identity and Inequality
  • SOCI 3450C* Women in Transnational World
  • ANTH 1530H Human Evolution
  • PSCI 3430H Gender Politics
  • SOC 3330H Sociology of Gender
  • SOC 3370H* Families in Crisis
  • BIOL 106T* Women, Medicine, and Biology
  • BLAW 352T Gender Issues and the Law
  • POLS 302T* Women and Politics
  • PSYC 205T* Psychology of Women
  • SOCI 304T Adolescence in Society
  • SOCI 321T* Marriages and Families
  • SOCI 353T* Global Perspectives on Gender
  • SOCI 354T Sex in Society

Multicultural or Ethnic Studies

  • INS 232A African-American Experience in America
  • INS 233A Women: A Cross Cultural Perspective
  • SOC 325C* Cultural Anthropology
  • SPCM 210C* Intercultural Communication
  • ANTH 3330H* North American Indian History & Cultures
  • SOC 3350H* Racial and Cultural Minorities
  • ARTH 285T Arts of Africa
  • COJO 370T* Intercultural Communication
  • HIST 116T African American History in Global Perspective
  • MUSC 216T Jazz in America
  • SOCI 251T* Race and Ethnicity
  • SOCI 301T* General Anthropology