Performance Studies (MUSP)

Performance studies are generally on an individual basis, although some group lessons are available.

A course fee is charged for all performance studies, based on the length of the lesson.

Elective Level

Performance studies on the elective level are available for all students. No audition is required for elective studies. These courses are designed for non-majors who are interested in beginning or continuing study on an instrument or voice. Students wishing to study piano, having little or no previous study on the instrument, are encouraged to register for group lessons. 30-minute or 50-minute lessons. Twelve lessons are scheduled each semester. A minimum of six hours a week practice is required. These courses must be taken for credit. They cannot be audited. Performance studies do not fulfill the Fine Arts requirement.

MUSP 101 Group Piano (1 credit)

This course is designed for students who have little or no piano background. The small group setting includes work on keyboard technique, reading music, transposing, improvising, playing by ear and harmonizing melodies. Groups are limited to six students and meet for an hour each week. This course may be repeated.

MUSP 108 Class Voice (1 credit)

Designed for non-music majors who wish to study voice and also for non-vocal music majors who wish to develop their singing in a class situation.

MUSP 110 Digital Music Lessons (1 credit)

These lessons focus on Hard-Disk Recording and MIDI-Sequencing and are designed with the modern musician in mind. Each week students witness the demonstration of professional recording techniques in one of the UST computerized recording studios. Then they apply their new skills to original compositions in scheduled studio sessions. Some of the subjects covered: Multi-tracking, Automation, Groove Quantizing, Harmonizing, Music Notation, and miking. Students may have their choice of MIDI-controllers: guitar, keyboard, or drum-machine pads.

Prerequisite: Basic computer and music-making skills

MUSP 113 Aural Skills Proficiency (1 credit)

This course is designed to help students prepare to demonstrate aural skills proficiency. Students must complete an online Lesson Registration Form with the music department in addition to registering through Murphy.  Please got to the following link and read the ‘Registration’ section.

MUSP 121 Harpsichord: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 122 Lute: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 128 Recorder: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 131 Piano: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 133 Voice: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 135 Organ: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 136 Flute: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 137 Oboe: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 138 Clarinet: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 139 Bassoon: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 141 Saxophone: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 144 Trumpet: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 145 French horn: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 146 Trombone: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 147 Euphonium: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 148 Tuba: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 149 Percussion: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 152 Jazz/Pop Vocal: elective (1 credit)

Covers techniques for communicative lyric singing, including repertoire from different eras of the American music spectrum. Considers stage presence, microphone technique, vocal inflection and communication with an accompanist or rhythm section. Improvisation may also be explored.

MUSP 153 Jazz Piano: elective (1 credit)

Individual studies with a jazz pianist, developing jazz style and working on improvisation.

Prerequisite: Some facility on the piano.

MUSP 154 Violin: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 155 Viola: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 156 Cello: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 157 Double Bass: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 158 Guitar: elective (1 credit)

Students will study all styles of music including classical, blues, rock, folk and others on acoustic, nylon and electric guitars. Topics include all forms of notation (standard, tab, chord symbols, etc.), improvisation and performance practice.

MUSP 159 Harp: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 160 Banjo: elective (1 credit) 

MUSP 161 Harmonica: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 162 Mandolin: elective (1 credit)

MUSP 165 Music Composition (1 credit)

The course aims at developing the student’s own imagination and musical style, as well as providing studies for the developing of technical and notational skills.

Prerequisite: MUSC 114 and permission of instructor

MUSP 168 African Drumming: elective (1 credit)

Study the art and techniques of both hand and stick drumming in West African traditions. Covers a wide variety of repertoire (Agbadza, Kpanlogo, Adowa, Gota, etc.), including those performed by the African Music Ensemble.

MUSP 187 Electric Guitar: elective (1 credit)

Students will study basic to advanced plectrum and fingerstyle techniques as they apply to the amplified guitar. Other topics will include fretboard theory, improvisation, ensemble performance practice and current technologies in amplification and MIDI applications. Repertoire will include all American popular music styles .

MUSP 188 Flamenco Guitar: elective (1 credit)

Students will study the techniques involved in picado, arpeggio, tremolo, and rasqueado. The course includes intensive study of various rhythms and styles including Sevillanas, Soleareas, Alegrias, Siguiryas, Tango, Bulerias, Tiento, etc., and an introduction to basic flamenco dance and song accompaniment. Students will learn about the Gypsy and Moorish influences on the history of this artform.

Performance Level

Performance studies at the performance level are required of music majors on their principal instrument. Students pursuing major in music, music business, or liturgical music should register for 2xx level lessons. Students pursuing a major in music education or performance should register for 3xx level lessons. An audition before the music faculty is required for performance-level studies. Qualified non-majors also may audition. Twelve 50-minute lessons are scheduled each semester. A minimum of 12 hours a week practice is required. These lessons provide an in-depth study of representative literature for the instrument. Juries and recitals are required of all students taking performance-level studies. See the current Handbook for Music Students. 

MUSP 221 Harpsichord: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 231 Piano: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 233 Voice: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 235 Organ: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 236 Flute: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 237 Oboe: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 238 Clarinet: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 239 Bassoon: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 241 Saxophone: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 244 Trumpet: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 245 French horn: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 246 Trombone: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 247 Euphonium: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 248 Tuba: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 249 Percussion: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 254 Violin: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 255 Viola: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 256 Cello: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 257 Double Bass: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 258 Guitar: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 259 Harp: performance (1 credit)

MUSP 321 Harpsichord: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 331 Piano: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 333 Voice: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 335 Organ: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 336 Flute: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 337 Oboe: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 338 Clarinet: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 339 Bassoon: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 341 Saxophone: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 344 Trumpet: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 345 French horn: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 346 Trombone: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 347 Euphonium: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 348 Tuba: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 349 Percussion: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 354 Violin: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 355 Viola: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 356 Cello: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 357 Double Bass: performance (2 credits)

MUSP 358 Guitar: performance (2 credits)

Course Number Title Credits
MUSP  101 Group Piano 1
MUSP  108 Class Voice 1
MUSP  110 Digital Music Lessons 1
MUSP  113 Aural Skills Proficiency 1
MUSP  121 Harpsichord: Elective 1
MUSP  122 Lute: Elective 1
MUSP  128 Recorder: Elective 1
MUSP  131 Piano: Elective 1
MUSP  133 Voice: Elective 1
MUSP  135 Organ: Elective 1
MUSP  136 Flute: Elective 1
MUSP  137 Oboe: Elective 1
MUSP  138 Clarinet: Elective 1
MUSP  139 Bassoon: Elective 1
MUSP  141 Saxophone: Elective 1
MUSP  144 Trumpet: Elective 1
MUSP  145 French Horn: Elective 1
MUSP  146 Trombone: Elective 1
MUSP  147 Euphonium: Elective 1
MUSP  148 Tuba: Elective 1
MUSP  149 Percussion: Elective 1
MUSP  152 Jazz/Pop Vocal: Elective 1
MUSP  153 Jazz Piano: Elective 1
MUSP  154 Violin: Elective 1
MUSP  155 Viola: Elective 1
MUSP  156 Cello: Elective 1
MUSP  157 Double Bass: Elective 1
MUSP  158 Guitar: Elective 1
MUSP  159 Harp: Elective 1
MUSP  160 Banjo: Elective 1
MUSP  161 Harmonica: Elective 1
MUSP  162 Mandolin: Elective 1
MUSP  165 Music Composition 1
MUSP  168 African Drumming: Elective 1
MUSP  187 Electric Guitar: Elective 1
MUSP  188 Flamenco Guitar: Elective 1
MUSP  221 Harpsichord: Performance 1
MUSP  231 Piano: Performance 1
MUSP  233 Voice: Performance 1
MUSP  235 Organ: Performance 1
MUSP  236 Flute: Performance 1
MUSP  237 Oboe: Performance 1
MUSP  238 Clarinet: Performance 1
MUSP  239 Bassoon: Performance 1
MUSP  241 Saxophone: Performance 1
MUSP  244 Trumpet: Performance 1
MUSP  245 French Horn: Performance 1
MUSP  246 Trombone: Performance 1
MUSP  247 Euphonium: Performance 1
MUSP  248 Tuba: Performance 1
MUSP  249 Percussion: Performance 1
MUSP  253 Jazz Piano: Elective 1 OR 2
MUSP  254 Violin: Performance 1
MUSP  255 Viola: Performance 1
MUSP  256 Cello: Performance 1
MUSP  257 Double Bass: Performance 1
MUSP  258 Guitar: Performance 1
MUSP  259 Harp: Performance 1
MUSP  265 Music Composition 1
MUSP  321 Harpsichord: Performance 2
MUSP  331 Piano: Performance 2
MUSP  333 Voice: Performance 2
MUSP  335 Organ: Performance 2
MUSP  336 Flute: Performance 2
MUSP  337 Oboe: Performance 2
MUSP  338 Clarinet: Performance 2
MUSP  339 Bassoon: Performance 2
MUSP  341 Saxophone: Performance 2
MUSP  344 Trumpet: Performance 2
MUSP  345 French Horn: Performance 2
MUSP  346 Trombone: Performance 2
MUSP  347 Euphonium: Performance 2
MUSP  348 Tuba: Performance 2
MUSP  349 Percussion: Performance 2
MUSP  354 Violin: Performance 2
MUSP  355 Viola: Performance 2
MUSP  356 Cello: Performance 2
MUSP  357 Double Bass: Performance 2
MUSP  358 Guitar: Performance 2
MUSP  359 Harp: Performance 2