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Office of International Students & Scholars

The Office of International Students & Scholars strives to provide high quality services and support to students and scholars from around the world. Currently, over 500 international students and scholars representing over 70 countries are studying at the University of St. Thomas.

OISS staff members are proud to advocate on behalf of international students and scholars at St. Thomas and in the community. OISS co-leads an International Student Retention Group to help minimize barriers for international students and enhancing their success. Starting fall 2016, OISS will lead an International Student Advisory Board for the Division of Student Affairs staff in order for staff on campus to better understand the international student experience at St. Thomas directly from the students.

Get to know our Tommies

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Hi everyone, my name is Duyen Su and I am from Vietnam. I am currently freshman at University of St. Thomas, majoring in Biological Science. I love talking to other people, hanging out with my friends, making new friends, and doing science research. Why did I choose America? Everyone always said that the U.S. was the Holy Grail of Higher education. You can study any subject you can think of. Whether you want to study specific subject in business like marketing, international business, finance, chemical engineering, or philosophy; you can study whatever you want to in the US. That idea is really attractive to me. I want to explore the new things, figure out what I am into and challenge myself to live independently. These reasons brought me to St. Thomas – a wonderful community. People are friendly, nice and willing to help others. The weather is cold but gorgeous, especially when it comes to Christmas. There are lights everywhere on streets; people decorate their house. People give gifts to others, gather around and have some hot chocolate. That’s my favorite time of the year. Not only that, a ton of opportunities in researching are available at U.S. universities. Practical […]
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