Hoedeman Gallery of Sacred Art

The Hoedeman Gallery of Sacred Art is strategically placed within the Iversen Center for Faith. The Iversen Center is a celebration of the religious diversity of the university community and is meant to foster dialogue and cooperation between faiths. The Hoedeman Gallery participates in that mission by presenting exhibitions of sacred art that reflects this rich diversity. It offers opportunities for reflection, but also learning and engagement with the arts.

Exhibitions will be changed usually twice a year.

The Gallery hopes to draw upon the many collections in the Twin Cities and beyond!

Mary Griep, Tell Me A Story, 2020


 Mary Ann Osborne, Driving Wind, 2015

 18 Artists from the Interfaith Artist Circle, Backdrop conceived and painted by Aimee Orkin, Interfaith Prayer Wall, 2020


Koffi Mbairamadji, (Top Left) Matthew 5:6, (Top Right) Matthew 5:7, (Bottom Left) Matthew 5:8, (Bottom Right) Matthew 5:9, 2015