Dan Tight  portrait

Dan Tight

Associate Professor of Spanish
Ph.D., Hispanic Linguistics, University of Minnesota.
M.A., Hispanic Linguistics, Indiana University.
B.A., Spanish, Religion, Gustavus Adolphus College.
at Saint Thomas since 2007
OEC 465
TR: 10:15 am to 11:45 am.
(651) 962-5157
(651) 962-5266

I teach courses in Spanish language and linguistics (e.g., Intro to Hispanic Linguistics, Phonetics and Pronunciation, Applied Linguistics) and also serve as the coordinator of the first four semesters of Spanish language instruction. My research focuses on how Spanish is processed, acquired, and used by adults learning in a classroom setting. Specifically, my most recent work (see below), has focused on the relationship between learning styles and vocabulary acquisition/retention and on the role that word order plays in how second language learners interpret Spanish sentences. Currently, I’m working on an observational study of how today’s upper-level Spanish students use the computer to write in their second language.

Recent publications:

Tight, Daniel G. 2017. Tool usage and effectiveness among L2 Spanish computer writers. Estudios de lingüística inglesa aplicada 17.157-82.

Klee, Carol A.; Daniel G. Tight; and Rocío Caravedo. 2013 (2011). Variation and change in Peruvian Spanish word order: Language contact and dialect contact in Lima. Southwest Journal of Linguistics 30(2).5-31.

Tight, Daniel G. 2012. The First Noun Principle and non-canonical structures. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics 5.351-67.

Tight, Daniel G. 2012. The First Noun Principle and ambitransitive verbs. Hispania 95.103-15.

Tight, Daniel G. 2010. Perceptual learning style matching and L2 vocabulary acquisition. Language Learning 60.792-833.

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Summer 2018 Courses
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Fall 2018 Courses
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SPAN 301 - D02 Adv Written Spanish & Culture M - W - F - - 1335 - 1440 OEC 318

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1335 - 1440


OEC 318

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41138 (View in ClassFinder)

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4 Credit Hours


Daniel G. Tight

Intensive practice in written Spanish using selected materials to acquire a high level of competence in writing Spanish. This writing course aims to improve technique, expand syntactic depth, increase vocabulary and learn good writing through a process approach involving stages of idea development, thesis construction, structural development, bibliographic notation, evaluation of ideas and rewriting of the text. Lectures and class discussions are based on major topics that relate to the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Written skills will be assessed. Prerequisite: Completion of SPAN 300 or its equivalent with a C- or better.

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J-Term 2019 Courses
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