Professor Carl Warren speaking with a person at an IPC event.

Social Work Services

Caring for the Whole Person: Training New Social Workers

Clients come to the Interprofessional Center with complex situations that require legal and counseling services. The Center's social work services are designed to work with whole person behind those situations, helping to meet the whole range of their needs. At the same time, social work students receive invaluable on-the-job training.

As case managers, professionally trained and supervised social work students understand the wide range of issues impacting clients. They know what resources are available, and the best ways to access them on behalf of their clients. Just as importantly, they provide the emotional support that can make all the difference in a client's success.

This real-world experience is an integral part of these social work students' education. They learn by doing, in the company of fellow students and the center's director of social work services.