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The Immigration Law Practice Group (1 semester, 6 credits) provides high quality legal services for immigrants and invaluable experience for law students. Students in this practice group represent persons seeking asylum in the United States as a result of persecution or a fear of persecution in their home countries. They assist the Minnesota Detention Project in representing detained persons facing deportation at their initial appearances in immigration court. In addition, they have also represented clients in the areas of international trafficking, naturalization, domestic violence, and family reunification. A majority of clients receiving legal services also receive counseling services through the Interprofessional Center. These services often play an essential role in resolving the clients' legal cases, as well as addressing other major quality-of-life issues. Law, graduate psychology and social work students work together to address psychological and social issues often associated with surviving torture and persecution.

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The Immigration Law Practice Group primarily takes cases referred by The Advocates for Human Rights.