Nonprofit Organizations Clinic

The Nonprofit Organizations Clinic focuses on the legal needs of existing and aspiring nonprofit organizations. This course is designed to help nonprofits get off the ground and sustain themselves as they promote social and economic justice here and abroad. Students who take this class are likely to volunteer for nonprofit organizations; learn about governance, compliance, operations, and management; and help promote servant leadership and social justice. The clinic is a full-year commitment with applications accepted in the spring semester. Students are supervised by Jenn Urban of Legal for Good.  

Services Provided by the Clinic

Here are some of the types of matters we may be able to address:

  • Creating/amending Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Filing applications for 501(c) income tax exemption with the IRS
  • Filing applications for sales tax exemption with the Minnesota Department of Revenue
  • Creating/amending policies and procedures
  • Dissolving existing nonprofits
  • Researching complex legal issues related to nonprofits

Prospective clients may fill out the Contact Us form and request applications.