Frey Foundation

This panel portrays Eugene and Mary Frey. Eugene Frey, retired chairman and CEO of Waldorf Corp., is a 1952 St. Thomas alumnus and a member of the university's board of trustees.

Gene is seated at a desk, looking over blueprints of cartons, which his company, Waldorf Corp., produced. Mary is behind him, looking directly at the viewer. She is holding a box of various food items in cartons produced by Waldorf. These items are symbolic of Mary's volunteer work for Catholic Charities. Her gesture of offering is prevalent in both Hope and Prudence frescoes where a woman offers to make peace with the dragon and women are portrayed as bringing hope through different aspects of life and death. The blueprints too, are a creation symbol. There is a cyclical aspect to their story, in which their unique actions are connected by a common element. The Hope fresco is a circular piece and also utilizes a cycle theme.