David & Barbara Koch

This panel portrays David and Barbara Koch. David Koch, a 1952 graduate of St. Thomas, is Graco's chairman. He chaired St. Thomas' Century II capital campaign and has been a member of St. Thomas' board of trustees since 1978. Barbara Koch has won awards from the Humane Society and also raises Gordon setters.

The country atmosphere of their portrait is repeated in the fresco as Balma worked on the design concepts while at his country studio in Assisi, Italy. Animal symbols are prevalent throughout the frescoes.

Barb kneels by her dog, which represents a universal symbol of faithfulness. She is not kneeling before her husband, but embracing her faith, which sometimes calls upon us to look at things at a different level or to act in a way which may seem strange to others.

Dave is standing with a staff in his hand. It is actually a shovel handle. Themes of work or sowing and reaping reoccur throughout the fresco. Behind him stands a flowering tree, which symbolizes the fruits not only of his labor, but of the necessity of believing in himself as an integral part of success. His gaze leads us upward to the Faith fresco.