The Multicultural Resource Calendar™ does not purport to be all-inclusive, but rather seeks to highlight people, holidays, and events that may have been historically overlooked. The calendar includes entries for over 140 different countries. Entries include birthday, cultural/historical events, days of religious observance, and public holidays. Months that have been declared by either presidential or congressional proclamation to reflect particular themes are also designated. The selection of events is a sampling. The choices of what to include reflect the judgments of the publisher, editor, and representative of various cultures and religions.

Use this calendar as a tool.

When honoring diversity, various issues may arise as you plan your events. We have provided this page of information on the major holidays associated with the calendar to make you aware of special considerations.

Schedule Consideration 
Consider these dates when scheduling classes, work, deadlines, meetings, and events while keeping consistent with good business practices. Other dates may also involve scheduling considerations, depending on individual or regional practice.

US Federal Holiday
All US federal offices, including the US Postal Service, as well as many businesses, are closed.

Dietary Consideration
When planning lunch meetings and parties, consider that these holidays may be fasting days or involve dietary restrictions. If a dietary restriction is involved, notify coordinators or the cafeteria of dietary options.

Multiple Days
These holidays are observed on more than one day, ranging from 2-day to month-long celebrations.