Effective September 1, 2011, the University implemented a policy to refund exclusively via electronic funds transfers (eRefunds). There are numerous reasons why a student may receive a refund; therefore, it is strongly encouraged that every student set-up an eRefund profile.

UST offers refunds through the TouchNet eBilling and ePayment system. As a UST student you have access to input, delete, and update your refund profile (bank account data) as needed - online, anytime, anywhere. No more worries about refund checks in the mail - when it will come or which address it was sent to.

The benefits of eRefunds include:

  • Swift - your Refunds in your bank account faster
  • Secure - no lost, delayed, or stolen refund checks in the mail
  • Confidential - no need to share your bank account data with others
  • Convenient - no need to go to the bank to deposit refund checks or contact the Business Office to update your account information if needed

Saving an eRefund Profile is so easy!

Click here for step-by-step instructions.

The first refund disbursement for undergraduate students will be processed approximately 10 days after the add/drop period at the beginning of the semester. Throughout the year, direct deposits occur daily.

Spring Term 2015 eRefunds begin: Date
     For Law students January 28, 2015
     For Graduate students February 18, 2015
     For Undergraduate students Februrary 25, 2015

For more information regarding refunds, please click here.