Welcome to University of St. Thomas eBilling

From this page, students and authorized users can find out more information about, and complete transactions related to, their St.Thomas eBill.


  • Students gain access via Murphy Online (Student Services > Student Accounts > View bill and/or make payment).
  • Students are able to view account activity, make a payment via ACH or credit card.
  • Students are able to create authorized users to view or pay bills.
  • Students make the choice when setting up an authorized user whether that authorized user can view the billing statement, payment history, or simply make payments.
  • Set up eRefund profile.

Pay/View Bill 

Authorized Users

  • Authorized users are third parties specifically granted access by the student to view or pay bills. Authorized users can include parents, guardians, spouses, employers, etc.
  • To create an authorized user, the student must grant access through Murphy Online.
  • Authorized users are able to log into the system to complete their user profile and make payments (as authorized.)

Pay/View Bill