The Business Office

The Business Office is responsible for the university‚Äôs accounts receivable system, or, money owed to the University of St. Thomas. We provide services to students, faculty, and staff including maintaining student accounts, preparing monthly billing statements, receiving payments, counseling on tuition repayment, disbursement of student loan funds, and processing departmental account deposits. This website details these and other services provided.


The Business Office supports the operation and overall mission of the University by accurately accounting for and efficiently collecting funds due for services provided to the St. Thomas community. We ensure sound fiscal responsibility by acting in accordance with the policies and procedures of the University while providing knowledgeable, courteous and respectful customer service.

Notice - Updates to ePayment process

Starting January 20, 2022, newly saved ePayment or eRefund profiles (linked to checking or savings accounts) are subject to an ACH pre-note verification process, which can take up to seven days to complete and during which time accounts are not available for transactions.  Please visit our ACH Pre-note page for more information.

Student Debt Relief Announcement and Payment Pause

For the most accurate and up to date information regarding the Biden Administration's announcement on student debt relief and federal loans, we recommend you visit the federal student aid site (see below). For more information on loan forgiveness, debt relief and payment pause click below.

Student Debt Relief Announcement