Ashley Shams

Associate Professor of French
Ph.D., French with specialization in Second Language Acquisition, Florida State University.
OEC 320D
on sabbatical leave - Fall 2015
(651) 962-5284
(651) 962-5266


International Service-Learning
19th century French poetry
Reworkings and appropriations of the classical ballet canon


Shams, Ashley, Sue-Smith-Cunnien, and Camille George. “French, Engineering, and Sociology Students Working in Mali: A Necessary Collaboration.” Étudiants Sans Frontières (Students Without Borders): Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in French. Ed. Jacki Thomas. Washington, D.C., AATF, 2012

Dunkel, Florence, Ashley Shams, and Camille George, "Expansive Collaboration:
A Model for Transformed Classrooms, Community-Based Research, and Service-Learning" North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Journal. 55, 4 (December, 2011): 64-76.

George, Camille, Ashley Shams, and Florence Dunkel, “Lessons Learned in an International Service-Learning Collaborative: Shea Butter Case Study”, North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Journal. 55, 2 (June 2011): 71-77.

George, Camille, and Ashley Shams, “The Challenge of Including Customer Satisfaction Into the Assessment Criteria of Overseas Service-Learning Projects”, International Journal of Service Learning in Engineering. 2, 2 (September 2007): 64-75.

Shams, Ashley, and Camille George, “Global Competency: An Interdisciplinary Approach”, Academic Exchange Quarterly. 10, 4 (Winter 2006): 249-256.

Conference Presentations:

Shams, Ashley. “The Haunting of Giselle.” Familiar Spirits: 112th Annual Conference of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association (PAMLA), Riverside, CA. October 31, 2014. Conference Presentation.

Law-Sullivan, Jennifer and Ashley Shams. “Liminality, Deceptions, and Identity: Albrecht’s Self-Discovery in Giselle.” Romantic Relations: The 2013 International Conference on Romanticism (ICR). Rochester, MI. September 27, 2013. Conference Presentation.

Shams, Ashley. “From Monstrous Mothers to Castrating Fathers: Catastrophic Love in Offenbach’s Tales of Hoffmann.” Catastrophes: The 2012 International Conference on Romanticism (ICR), Tempe, AZ, November 12, 2012. Conference Presentation.

Shams, Ashley, and Jennifer Law-Sullivan. “Giselle and its Reworkings as Embodiment of Repression and Debauchery”, Feast and Famine: 38th Annual Nineteenth-Century French Studies Colloquium (NCFS), Raleigh, North Carolina, October 13, 2012. Conference Presentation.

Fall 2015 Courses

Fall 2015 Courses
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J-Term 2016 Courses
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Spring 2016 Courses

Spring 2016 Courses
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FREN 111 - 01 Elementary French I - T - R - - - 1525 - 1700 OEC 317
CRN: 20118 4 Credit Hours Instructor: Ashley N. Shams Practice in understanding, speaking, reading and writing simple French for beginners.

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FREN 212 - 01 Intermediate French II - T - R - - - 1330 - 1510 OEC 317
CRN: 20123 4 Credit Hours Instructor: Ashley N. Shams Continuation of FREN 211 with emphasis on oral and written use of complex sentence structure. Prerequisite: FREN 211 or equivalent completed with a C- or better

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FREN 301 - L01 French Poetry M - W - F - - 1215 - 1320 OEC 307
CRN: 22598 4 Credit Hours Instructor: Ashley N. Shams Individualized and group exercise in oral expression and comprehension focusing on the study of the elements of French versification from the 16th century to the present. Prerequisite: FREN 300 or equivalent

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