The University of St. Thomas

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Program Committee Members

Name Phone# Position
Amel, Elise 2-5046 Environmental Studies Director
Emms, Simon 2-5228 Biology Department Chair
Hickson, Thomas 2-5241 ESCI Director and Geology Professor
Wammer, Kristine 2-5574 Chemistry Assistant Professor

Affiliated Faculty

Name Phone# Position
Borgerding, Tony 2-5592 Chemistry Associate Professor
Chaplin, Susan 2-5223 Biology Professor
Ditty, Jayna 2-5245 Biology Professor
Ippoliti, J. Thomas 2-5582 Chemistry Professor
Kay, Adam 2-5291 Biology Professor
Lamb, Melissa 2-5242 Geology Department Chair
Lewis, Timothy 2-5249 Biology Department Chair
Martinović-Weigelt, Dalma 2-5233 Biology Professor
McGuire, Jennifer 2-5254 Geology Professor
Theissen, Kevin 2-5243 Geology Professor
Verhoeven, Amy 2-5278 Biology Professor
Zimmer, Kyle 2-5244 Biology Professor