We invite you to participate in One University-One Breath, a PMC project with an aim of bringing increased conscious awareness to all members of the St. Thomas community. Most of us find it challenging to live in the present moment — to experience and appreciate the gift of life as it is actually taking place. One way to live more of our lives in the present, instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, is periodically to pause and pay attention to what it feels like simply to exist in time and space. This practice in awareness reaps physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

  • Listen to a guided One Breath Audio
  • For various perspectives on the impact of One University – One Breath from students, faculty, staff, and administrators, view the One Breath Video
  • Sign up here to make your intention to take one conscious breath each day. You will receive brief Mindful Monday emails each week with tips and reminders.


ELECT to Take a Tech Break!

Our devices are like magnets for our attention, and during election week their attraction may seem irresistible.  The Project for Mindfulness and Contemplation invites you to choose a day and time that works for you and put it on your calendar: Tech Break! It may be as little as 30 minutes or you may choose to take a break for few hours—or even a day! Do whatever seems reasonable for you.

Then, we invite you to pay attention to what it feels like to go analog: Do you find it liberating or stressful (or both) to be away from your devices? What did you do with the time? What did you notice about yourself?

If you choose, please briefly share your experience at pmc@stthomas.edu

In collaboration with the Wellness Center, the Center for the Common Good, the Office of Spirituality, and the Ashoka Changemaker Social Innovation Collaboratory.