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Geoscience at UST

Geology: how the Earth works

For those of you that have wondered, "What is geology all about?" the following pages will show you that it's not just about rock classification and banging around with rock hammers. Geology at the University of St. Thomas is about understanding how the Earth works, inside and out, and all that this implies for understanding a whole host of environmental and resource issues.

Interdisciplinary Science is the Future

The University of St. Thomas geology program is a great place to do interdisciplinary science, integrating chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering to understand the Earth. The geology program also plays a key role in the Environmental Science BS degree at UST, which brings together all of the science departments at the university. More recent projects include Examining Piping Plover Habitat Loss in North DakotaExamining nutrient histories in Twin Cities metro area lakes, and Examining Alkaline Lakes in the Southwest.

The Geology Department Mission

The Geology Department will provide an academically challenging program that welcomes all students into science, encourages them to grow as morally responsible individuals and stewards of the planet, and creates scientifically-informed problem-solvers.

Latest news from the department

UST Geology major Sarah Horns and Environmental Science (biology) major Ashley Brundrett poster was selected as Best Undergraduate Student Poster by the Great Lakes Section of SEPM (the Society for Sedimentary Geology)
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Jordan Osterman
This article explores the impact that Living Learning Communities (LLC) have had on students and the university. It gives an in depth look at the structure of the Geology LLC course, as well as the students' experiences.
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From the Newsroom

Jordan Osterman '11   author
Two growing student clubs, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the National Society of Black Engineers, are offering opportunities and community for St. Thomas students of color in STEM fields.
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Jordan Osterman '11   author
Dozens of Tommies - 44, to be exact - are spending their summer working full-time on research thanks to funding from St. Thomas grants, including Young Scholars, Community-based Research and Sustainability Scholars. The Newsroom caught up with some of these emerging scholars to find out what they're studying, why they're so interested in it, and what it's been like to become dedicated researchers.
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Cassie Froese   author
Jill Schleicher ’11 researches what’s actually going on inside a volcano and how that information might inform predictions of when one will erupt.
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Jordan Osterman '11   author
A geology major who racked up a huge range of research and teaching experience at St. Thomas, Nick Hermann '13 went on to Vanderbilt University for a master’s, worked at NASA and for the Bureau of Land Management, and now helps Pilot Gold track down gold in Arizona.
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admin   author
Research can help undergraduates transform from students into scholars.
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