Thomas Hickson portrait

Thomas Hickson

Professor and Chair of Geology
Ph.D.: Stanford University, 1999
OSS 117
TW, 3-4 pm
(651) 962-5241
Toll Free
(800) 328-6819, Ext. 2-5241

Research interests:

  • Lacustrine microbialite textures and chemistry
  • Tectonics and sedimentation in the Lake Mead region, Southern Nevada
  • Depositional mechanics of sediment gravity flows
  • Experimental sedimentology
  • Geoscience education


  • GEOL 115: Environmental Geology
  • GEOL 260: Regional Geology and Geological Field Methods
  • GEOL 320: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
  • GEOL 430: Advanced Earth History
  • GEOL 460: Advanced Field Geology
  • ESCI 390: Senior Research Seminar
  • THEO 459: Theology and the Environment

Recent publications (undergraduate co-authors in bold):

Hickson, T.A., Theissen, K.M., Lamb, M.A., and Frahm, J., 2016, Lower Pahranagat Lake: modern analogue for extensive carbonate deposition in paleolakes of the Late Oligocene to Miocene Rainbow Gardens and Horse Spring Formations: Journal of Paleolimnology, , doi: 10.1007/s10933-016-9923-1.

Lamb, M., Beard, L. S., Hickson, T., Umhoefer, P., Dunbar, N., Schleicher, J. and McIntosh, W., 2015, Late Oligocene–early Miocene landscape evolution of the Lake Mead region during the transition from Sevier contraction to Basin and Range extension, Geological Society of America Bulletin, July 2015, v. 127, no. 7-8, p. 899-925, doi:10.1130/B31144.1

Cantero, M.I., Cantelli, A., Pirmez, C., Balachandar, S., Mohrig, D., Hickson, T., Yeh, Tzu-hao, Naruse, H., and Parker, G., 2011, Emplacement of massive turbidites linked to extinction of turbulence in turbidity currents. Nature Geoscience, Vol. 5, pp. 42–45, doi:10.1038/ngeo1320.

Hickson, T., Umhoefer, P., and Anderson, Z., 2012, Terrestrial Microbial Limestones in the Miocene Horse Spring Formation of the Lake Mead area, southern Nevada Basin and Range, Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM) and Pacific Section SEPM Field Trip Guide #14, American Association of Petroleum Geologists and Society for Sedimentary Geology National Meeting, May 22-26, 34.pp.

Lamb, M., Martin, L., Hickson, T., Umhoefer, P. & Eaton, L. 2010. Deposition and age of the lower Horse Spring Formation in the Longwell Ridges Area, southern Nevada. Miocene Tectonics of the Lake Mead Region Geology Society of America Special Volume

Hickson, T., Ness, A., & Lamb, M. 2010. Deposition and age of the Bitter Ridge Limestone member of the Horse Spring Formation, Bitter Ridge to Gale Hills, Lake Mead, Nevada. Miocene Tectonics of the Lake Mead Region Geology Society of America Special Volume.

Spring 2017 Courses

Spring 2017 Courses
Course - Section Title Days Time Location
ESCI 430 - 51 Senior Research Seminar/Lab M - - - - - - 1531 - 1745 OSS 120
CRN: 22611 0 Credit Hours Instructor: Thomas A. Hickson This course is designed to fulfill the senior capstone experience in Environmental Science as it brings together students from all of the environmental science concentrations (biology, chemistry, and geology) to complete interdisciplinary research projects. In the semester prior to the course offering, Environmental Science majors, in consultation with their faculty advisors and the course instructor, will develop a research project that they will complete as part of this course. Students may also choose to more fully develop a research project in which they have been participating or propose a service-learning or community-based project. Furthermore, groups of students could propose to perform an interdisciplinary project. The format of this research is intentionally open-ended because it is meant to provide flexibility and choice to the students and the course instructor. Student-led seminars on topics of the students' choosing will comprise most weekly meetings, along with updates on research progress and a final presentation to the St. Thomas community on the outcome of the student's research projects. This course should be completed in the final Spring semester prior to graduation. Prerequisite: ESCI 310 or permission of instructor, and at least one ENVR course.

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THEO 459 - 01 Theology & Environment - - - R - - - 1800 - 2130 OSS 123
CRN: 22510 4 Credit Hours Instructor: Cara L. Anthony, Thomas A. Hickson This course examines Christian theological and moral reflection on the relation between human activity and the natural environment. It will address environmental issues that are of mutual concern to theologians and the natural or social sciences; thus it will study scientific analysis along with theological perspectives. The course will also review contemporary practices and/or policies that address environmental problems. Prerequisite: THEO 101 and one 200-level or 300-level THEO course, and PHIL 115

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Summer 2017 Courses

Summer 2017 Courses
Course - Section Title Days Time Location

Fall 2017 Courses

Fall 2017 Courses
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