Student Conference

The spring 2019 Twin Cities Women's and Gender Studies Student Conference was held at St. Catherine University on Friday, March 8, 2019. Three St. Thomas students (and one St. Kate's student who was guided by a St. Thomas professor) presented their fascinating research on a variety of topics, including:

  • Taylor Weeks; Am I a Bad Mom?: Female Celebrity Voices and Postpartum Depression
  • Alyssa Erdman; Breaking into the All Boys Club: The Struggles and Triumphs for Women in Sportsbroadcasting
  • Izzy Iliff; Sport's Effect on Female Body Image: A Harmful Reflection of Society's Standards or A Needed Tool for Change?
  • Alma Silver (SCU); Why Media Outlets Framed Stephen Hawking's Death as Liberation: Analyzing Representations of the Disability Community Within Mass Communication

Each spring, the Twin Cities Women's and Gender Studies Collaborative, consisting of programs at Augsburg, Hamline, St. Kate's, and St. Thomas, holds a student conference to highlight the work of our students. Majors and minors are especially encouraged to attend, but any student can submit an appropriate presentation topic. Students who have participated in an approved Women's Studies course may wish to present papers they have written or groups of students may choose to form panels to present research on similar topics.

The conference offers the opportunity to meet students with similar interests from other schools in the collaborative, the chance to gain skills in public presentation, and the opportunity to learn from peers. It is always enjoyable and enlightening!