What can I do with a major in Women's Studies?

Women's studies is an interdisciplinary program that takes gender as its critical term of inquiry, exploring it as a social construct and analyzing its impact on traditional disciplines. As an interdisciplinary major and minor, Women's Studies spans the curriculum, incorporating many disciplines in a diverse and stimulating package of courses. Courses consider historical and contemporary contexts from multicultural and multiracial perspectives, and focus on the intersections of race, class, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion and culture.

Students in the program learn how to analyze social forces and assumptions that have shaped women's lives on individual, national, and global levels. This flexible program of study combines theoretical, practical, and research components and provides preparation for both advanced study and professional work, for example, in organizations focusing on women, in human relations departments of corporations, and in health or legal professions.

Transferable Skills

*Some information taken from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio College of Arts and Science Advising Office

Human Relations Communications
  • Awareness of gender, race and other differences.
  • Sensitivity to people and problems.
  • Understanding and interpreting global cultures.
  • Listening to others' thoughts and ideas.
  • Gathering information.
  • Speaking to groups.
  • Writing clearly and creatively.
  • Critiquing and evaluating.
  • Issues/problems/ events.
  • Reading and understanding ideas.
Project Development/Research Thinking Critically/Creatively
  • Designing projects.
  • Organizing ideas/materials.
  • Testing an idea/hypothesis.
  • Observing people.
  • Planning and administering programs.
  • Perceiving patterns and structures.
  • Evaluating projects and plans.
  • Adapting ideas.
  • Analyzing cultural events and texts.
  • Testing and exploring ideas in discussion with others.
  • Problem posing/problem solving.
  • Developing new agendas for old problems.
  • Connecting with communities.


Career Opportunities

*Some information taken from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio College of Arts and Science Advising Office

Government Communication/Journalism
  • Women's issues coordinator
  • Public information coordinator
  • Census/survey work
  • Peace corps volunteer
  • Public opinion analyst
  • Researcher/technical analyst
  • Editor
  • Journalist
Human Services Business/Industry
  • Women's issues advocate
  • Social worker
  • Non-governmental agencies worker
  • Youth counselor
  • Volunteer services coordinator
  • Community planning specialist
  • Women’s programming
  • Personnel officer
  • Market research analyst
  • Sales/marketing representative
  • Organizational planner
  • Management trainee
  • Consultant, cultural resource manager
  • Arts council director
  • Foundation administrator
  • Environmental consultant
Research/Preservation Education
  • Exhibit preparation coordinator
  • Librarian Conservator
  • Research associate
  • Teacher
  • Resource consultant
  • School administrator


On Campus Sources for More Information


Women Studies Contact Academic Counseling Office
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Campus Mail: JRC 153

Academic Counseling is open Monday-Friday from 8am-4:30pm
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