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Paul Gavrilyuk

Aquinas Chair in Theology and Philosophy
Ph.D. Southern Methodist University

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Dr. Paul Gavrilyuk holds the Aquinas Chair in Theology and Philosophy. He specializes in Greek patristics, modern Orthodox theology, and philosophy of religion. Published in nine languages, his works include The Suffering of the Impassible God (Oxford, 2004), Histoire du catéchuménat dans l’église ancienne (Cerf, 2007), The Spiritual Senses: Perceiving God in Western Christianity (co-edited with Sarah Coakley, Cambridge, 2012) and Georges Florovsky and the Russian Religious Renaissance (Oxford, 2014). In addition to his teaching at the University of St Thomas, he held visiting appointments at Harvard Divinity School (spring 2007) and Calvin College (summer 2013)

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THEO 427 - 01 Evil & Suffering - T - - - - - 1730 - 2115 JRC 401

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1730 - 2115


JRC 401

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4 Credit Hours


Pavel L. Gavrilyuk

This course analyzes some of the most profound evils of the modern era, and attempts to relate them to traditional and contemporary discussions of divine and human responsibility. It is especially concerned with the unique features of modern evils, including their presence in certain social structures, political systems and scientific technologies. Specific subjects for study, which will vary from year to year, may include, the Holocaust; slave trade; genocidal colonization in Africa, Asia, and the Americas; the threat of nuclear annihilation. This course investigates how religious faith might be re-interpreted in light of these evils, and whether the notion of a suffering deity is theologically appropriate for Christian faith. Prerequisite: THEO 101 and one 200-level or 300-level THEO course, and PHIL 115

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