Our Services

Course Development

Our growing instructional design team will help you choose or create instructional strategies, organize and upload course material, and help you find new tech tools and resources that will enhance the learning experience for your students.

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Academic Technologies & Consultations

From "how can I do (something)?" to "what's this (thing) do?" the team at STELAR can help talk you through the technologies that support your instructional goals.

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Digital Resource Management

STELAR can help you to identify existing free, online textbooks or create an original compilation of online resources for your students and work to incorporate these resources into your courses

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Learning Space Design

STELAR helps faculty set priorities and select technologies for future room standards.

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Research Computing Services

The R in STELAR stands for Research.  From high performance computing to statistical analysis, STELAR is here to help support your academic research.

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Media Development

Videos are one of the best and most popular ways to connect with your online students. They increase student engagement and may help students to learn and retain the information you present in your course more effectively.

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