STELAR promotes transformative learning by engaging faculty to develop teaching practices through intentional application of technologies, new delivery methods, and emerging research as well as by collaborating with STELAR partners to develop systemic supports so that our St. Thomas innovation has sustainable impact, all for the common good.

To further its mission, STELAR, along with faculty and STELAR Partners:

  • Leads the development of online and blended learning at St. Thomas
  • Facilitates the integration of emerging technologies into teaching and learning
  • Promotes increased research capacity and support for faculty around studying the impact of technology innovation on teaching and learning
  • Researches and pilots new, emerging technologies and disseminates findings to St. Thomas and greater communities
  • Transforms physical learning spaces at St. Thomas to more actively benefit from technology
  • Collaborates on the creation of marketing resources, enrollment practices, policies, resources and infrastructure supports to support digital innovation and transformation

STELAR Partners

The success of St Thomas is built on our strong partnerships, both within the university and externally. STELAR collaborates with the following units to meet university goals for providing a 21st Century learning experience that prepares students for the future and expands how we reach people to think, work and act for the common good.

Schools & Colleges
STELAR partners with academic departments to plan and develop new online degrees, programs and courses, to support an increased use of academic technology across the university and to develop university policies around online and blended learning.

University Libraries
STELAR partners with the University Libraries to facilitate integration of library content and services into St Thomas online offerings.

Faculty Development
STELAR partners with Faculty Development to provide faculty learning opportunities related to course design best practices, online and blended teaching techniques, and accessibility practices.

Innovation & Technology Services
Being a part of ITS allows STELAR to collaboratively provide a comprehensive technology built on systems that are robust, resilient, flexible and secure.

Marketing and Enrollment Services
STELAR partners with both internal and external vendors around further developing our marketing and enrollment services for online programs.

Student Services
STELAR partners with both internal partners such as Disability Resources and external vendors around various aspects of student support to expand the access to resources and systems of support that benefit students in all areas of the online lifecycle.

STELAR Core Services

We provide:

  • Instructional design and technology support for faculty
  • Research capabilities and support for faculty
  • Consultations and technical support for Canvas and other academic technologies and platforms
  • Individual and program-wide course development services
  • Training, events, courses and discussions for faculty
  • Participation and leadership on various committees and workgroups that systematize quality online and blended practices
  • Tutorials, sample courses, templates, exemplars and resources to assist faculty and staff in using new technologies and instructional practices
  • Consultation and collaboration in creating orientation and onboarding resources for students and faculty
  • Dissemination of our work internally and externally

How to Reach STELAR

Email: stelar@stthomas.edu
Phone: (651) 962-STEL or (651) 962-7835
St. Paul Location: lower level of the O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library
Minneapolis Location: Fourth floor of Terrence Murphy Hall (440).