Harassment Restraining Orders/Orders for Protection

Perhaps you’ve been a victim of sexual/domestic violence, stalking, or some other form of unwanted contact, and you wish to pursue a restraining order, or order for protection. Here are the differences between the two: 

Harassment Restraining Order

An HRO can be pursued if you have been the victim of a single incident of physical or sexual assault, or if there have been repeated intrusive or unwanted acts against you. 

Order for Protection

An OFP can be pursued if you’ve been the victim of domestic violence and fear for your safety.

What can you do?

Information about seeking an HRO or OFP through Ramsey or Hennepin County can be found at:

Ramsey County Juvenile and Family Court

Hennepin County Domestic Abuse Service Center

A criminal police report is not required to apply for either order. Application forms can be printed and completed prior to going to court. The application process time can vary, but can take up to several hours. You are encouraged to get there as early as possible during business hours. It is strongly recommended you maintain your own personal records regarding any incidents, as well as copies of mailings, emails, texts, photos, medical records, etc., in addition to any copies of police or court records you may obtain.

There is a filing fee for an HRO. There is no filing fee for an OFP.

NOTE Court clerks cannot tell you which order you should request. If you aren't sure, utilize advocacy/support services noted below.

In Ramsey County, contact Bridges to Safety

In Hennepin County, contact Tubman Crisis & Support Services