Access & Keys

Electronic Locks:

Access Services maintains all electronic locking devices that are wired, wireless, and offline. All requests for new or additional door access privileges to electronically locked areas may be requested through the Access Services request for service (RFS).  Also new online electronically controlled locks may be requested through the same RFS process.

For defective or malfunctioning electronically controlled door locks and hardware, please call the Access Services at
651‐962‐6063. Staff will facilitate the repair during normal business hours 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. After hours,
weekends and holidays please contact Public Safety at 651‐962‐5100, who will contact Access Services for repair

If a university card is lost or stolen during business hours, it should be immediately reported to the Card Office, 651-962-6069. After hours please call Public Safety, 651-962-5100. If please advise if there is any money on the card so appropriate action can be taken.  


Locks and Keys:

Requests for lock changes or keys may be made through request for service (RFS).  All requests will be reviewed. All requests for building master and sub‐master keys must be approved by the AVP for Auxiliary Services. All university personnel who are issued keys must sign a key card with Access Services before their keys are issued.   All keys can be picked up at Facilities Management in the main reception area on the St. Paul campus and MSL253 on the Minneapolis campus.

Any community member should report the loss of any key(s) by notifying the Department of Public Safety at 651‐962‐5100.    

All keys must be returned to Key Shop when no longer needed, when moving offices, or upon changing positions. Keys maybe returned to the Facilities Management main reception area on the St. Paul campus and MSL253 on the Minneapolis campus.  At the separation of employment from the university,  all employee keys and UST issued ID must be returned to their supervisor who will return them Facilities Management.