Upon discovering a fire, explosion, or smoke in a building, activate the fire alarm system where available.

After sounding the alarm, call Public Safety at 651-(96)2-5555 and give:

  • Building Name
  • Floor
  • Room Number
  • Type of incident

When a Fire Alarm sounds, complete evacuation is required.

Walk, DO NOT RUN to the nearest stairway exit and proceed to ground level.

Do not use elevators during a fire emergency.

If time permits, close doors and windows on your level. Even if the alarm stops, continue the evacuation and warn others who may attempt to enter the building. No one is to enter the building unless authorized by Public Safety or fire personnel.

Upon evacuating the building, proceed a safe distance away from the building. Leave walkways and driveways open for arriving emergency personnel. Do not return to the building until directed to do so by Public Safety or fire personnel.

Notify firefighters on the scene if you suspect someone may be trapped inside the building.

Notify Public Safety of any disabled persons in the building and if possible their location in the building.

Campus residents should be familiar with the “buddy system” established by Residence Life. In the event of an emergency, request assistance, if needed, in moving to an exit or safe area (usually a stairwell).

Send a “buddy” to notify Public Safety, police or firefighters of the person’s location and status.