Citation Appeals

The Parking Appeals Committee reviews written appeals from individuals challenging parking violations. The committee consists of faculty, staff and student representatives. The appeals coordinator, who is not a voting member, will be present for informational and recording purposes only. Due to the nature of the committee, membership is kept confidential and appeals cannot be presented to the committee in person. Appeal forms may be obtained in person, submitted online, mailed, or faxed from the Parking Services office.

The committee adheres to the following procedures and responsibilities:

  1. The appeal form and citation must be received by the Parking & Transportation Services Office, within 10 days of the date the citation was issued. The appeal form must be filled out in its entirety.
  2. The payment of the citation under appeal is suspended without penalty during the appeal process.
  3. The committee will discuss and vote on the outcome of the appeal.
  4. The committee may decide to cancel the fine, reduce the fine or deny the appeal and keep the fine in place.
  5. All decisions made by the Appeals Committee are final.
  6. If an appeal is denied, failure to pay the issued citation within five days from the date of notice will result in a late fee.
  7. Fines that have been reduced by the committee will return to their original amount if not paid within five days of the date of notice.

An appeal should be based on the fact that the violation notice was issued in error or contrary to the regulations listed in this Parking Guide. A lost permit, forgetfulness, parking only for a short period, failure to display parking permit, and/or not seeing the signs are unacceptable grounds for appeal.

Note: A citation may not be appealed if the vehicle or permit holder has any other unpaid fines.

Filing an Appeal

Parking citation appeals can be completed through St Thomas Parking Portal. Click the "Outstanding Citations" link. If you do not find your citation listed there, click "Citation History", select the citation you wish to appeal and complete the "appeals comment" section.

If the citation has not been associated to you, i.e. through a parking permit or previous citations, the citation will not appear in your Murphy Online, Parking Services record. You will first need to contact Parking & Transportation Services at 651-962-7275, to have the citation associated to you. After that is done, you can follow the directions above.

For those who do not have access to Murphy Online, an appeal form can be picked up from the Parking & Transportation Services office in Anderson Student Center, 253.

During the regular academic year, the appeals committee meets approximately every two- four weeks. Along with the time needed to process the decisions and issue appeals decision letters, the turnaround time for an appeal can be two to four weeks.