Your Community

Whether it's a feeling of familiarity or a geographic designation, community at heart is a formal or informal association of neighbors that creates a better quality of life for all.

Those of us who live in and love the City of St. Paul know it as a place where people become involved. We care about our neighbors, about the quality and condition of our homes, about keeping streets safe for children, about supporting area businesses.

Just as district councils are the building blocks of city government in St. Paul, so are block clubs -- and block ambassadors -- the building blocks of neighborhoods. As neighbors work on safety, communication and common concerns, their participation often sparks an interest in greater community involvement, whether it's recycling, beautification, violence prevention, volunteering with youth and seniors, or other district council activities.

About block clubs

A block club, as its name implies, often includes those houses and apartment buildings that face one another from one cross street to another. A block club may also include neighbors across an alley. It may span several blocks. The area a block club encompasses is up to the residents. See what makes sense geographically or socially in your neighborhood.

By stepping forward as block ambassadors -- and becoming actively involved on their blocks, with their neighbors -- residents are taking responsibility for themselves and their neighborhood. They are working together to keep their neighborhood safe and thriving. They are building and sustaining an inclusive community.