Options for Paying J-term Charges

Financial aid for graduate and law students is disbursed during the fall, spring, and summer semesters based on the actual enrollment for each student.  Financial aid is not disbursed during J-term.  You have two payment options for your J-term charges.

  1. Pay your J-term charges out of pocket by the January 19th due date and avoid a finance charge assessed by the Business Office.
  2. Carry your J-term charges forward to your spring bill as long as you are enrolling half-time (3 or more credit hours) in the spring term.  The spring portion of your financial aid will be applied towards your J-term and spring balances.  You should review your billing statement to ensure that you have enough financial aid to cover charges for both terms.
  3. If you are not enrolling for the spring term but are at least half-time during J-term, please contact a financial aid counselor to discuss your options.

Please note:  If you carry forward your J-term charges to the spring term the Business Office will assess you a 1.1% finance charge for the month of January.  You should have a Title IV Federal Financial Aid Authorization form on file with the Business Office for all charges to be covered with your spring aid.  The Business Office may place a registration hold and transcript hold on your account until your J-term bill is paid.