Students on the quad.

St. Thomas Welcomes First Generation College Students

If you're the first in your family to go to college, or your parents did not graduate from college, you are considered a first-generation student. The University of St. Thomas is proud that many first-generation students have chosen to attend our institution. This webpage and the Proud To Be First program are designed to aid our first-generation students in their transition to college. Take advantage of these resources as well as the students, staff and faculty at St. Thomas who are here to help you.

New!  This year, we offered a section of the first-year experience for first-generation college students taught by Dr. Maddox who also identified as a first-generation college student.

Linda Baughman

Dean of Students, Co-Chair

Tonia Jones Peterson

Director of Retention & Student Success, Co-Chair

Tom Asp

Senior Admissions Counselor

Michael DeVaughn

Associate Professor & Faculty Director of the Full-time MBA Program

Leah Fulton

Assistant Dean of Students

Sheila Kennan

Associate Director of Financial Aid

Patricia Maddox

Assistant Professor of Sociology & Criminal Justice

Kelly Petersen

Academic Counselor

Brad Pulles

Program Director, Opus College of Business 

Jake Reilly

Ireland Hall Area Director

Doug Thompson

Associate Dean of Students, Dougherty Family College