First Job/Internship & Workplace Etiquette

Below are basic considerations when in your first jobs/internships.  You always want to be treated professionally, so do your employer the courtesy of being professional with them!

  • If, for unavoidable reasons, you may be late to work, call/text/email your supervisor ASAP to let them know.
  • If you are ill the night before and/or morning of a work-day, call/text/email your supervisor ASAP to let them know.  (No one wants your germs; it’s OK to stay home.)
  • If you are in between tasks, do not use your time to make personal calls, texts, or use social media. Use breaks and lunch-times for this kind of activity.  Instead, show how dedicated you are and ask your supervisor or others for more things to do.
  • Clarify at the start if you get any days off.  Ask your supervisor what the process would be to request time off and how much advance notice they need.