Reporting Harassment

You should never be subjected to harassment or threatening behavior in the workplace.  If you do experience this…

  • The first option would be to work directly with the employing/practicum host organization and follow their harassment reporting procedures, often provided through a Human Resources office. By law, employees are protected from retaliation for reporting harassment concerns.
  • Students can seek university support or assistance [See Additional Resources below] as they work with an outside organization about a harassment concern. St. Thomas cannot control the actions of an outside organization, but individuals on campus may be available to help a student think through their options in making a report to and working with an outside organization (the intern employer).
  • If your work experience with an outside organization is part of an academic requirement, i.e. a required practicum or other experiential learning requirement, please report the concern to the University’s Title IX Coordinator and the faculty director for the program. The University will work with you to ensure that your academic program is not impacted by unlawful harassment.

Additional Resources

Feel free to consult with staff from any of the following offices:

Additional on and off-campus resources can be found within the Title IX website regarding Contact & Reporting Information.