Career Management

Perhaps you wish to explore a job or career change and find other options available to you. Maybe it is not a change you wish to explore, but achieve a better understanding of the workforce in regards to diversity issues or developing yourself professionally by staying up to date on the latest research or technologies. Changes in your lifestyle require you to adjust your life/work balance. Use the pieces of Career Management to guide you though the "working years" of your life.

Understanding Job Cycles

After working in the real world you may have redefined what you want in a job. Perhaps your current job or career doesn't hold your interest anymore, or maybe you feel like you've "done it all" and wish to explore your options. This is a Self-Assessment through "experience" rather than research, and you've learned what it takes to make you feel satisfied with your work. Or, maybe you don't know what it is, but you think your current position isn't it. By exploring resources you can figure out your next step, whether it is a new job, new career, or even a minor change within your current work situation.

Understanding Organizational Culture

Are you reporting to the right people? Are you voicing concerns, ideas, and progress to the proper department or individual? Is redundancy a problem? If you manage a team, is it efficient or do your team members have problems finding the answers to the questions above? Organizational Culture is more than just who reports what to who--it involves dress code, scheduling flexibility, mandatory events, company picnics and professional and personal relationships in the organization. In other words, it is knowing what makes your organization's work environment tick.

Managing Work Issues

What is your company's policy regarding diversity in the workplace? Injuries, and maternity leave? What can you expect from your employer and co-workers regarding these issues? Are you aware of government programs to assist you when you experience conflict in the work place? Do you know your rights and your responsibilities? When you encounter work-related issues and conflicts, explore the resources available to you.

Maintaining Balance

Home, work, and personal life. How do you know where to set your priorities? What is the balance between a happy home life and earning an income to support that life? Maintaining a balance allows you to apply the right amount of energy to the correct pieces of your life. Figure out how to maintain this balance without a job change, or if you are willing, make a job/career change that better suits your lifestyle.

Professional Development

Explore your work environment and learn more about your field by discovering what other people in your position practice and are exploring themselves. Stay up-to-date with the latest information that affects your job and organization whether it be technology, positive team management, or task handling techniques. By staying efficient and up-to-date with the latest skills, you not only expand your skill set, but bring fresh innovations to your job and organization.