Schulze Hall surrounded by trees with orange leaves

Classes and Instruction

St. Thomas is committed to creating a safe instructional experience for students and faculty, while continuing to provide the holistic and personalized education for which the university is known.

J-term and Spring will follow the traditional academic calendar remains the same, with the exception of small shifts in the calendar for the School of Law.

Similar to the fall, J-Term and spring course design will include in-person, mixed-model and online instructional modalities. In-person learning opportunities will be prioritized for spring. Many J-Term courses are being offered on-line, but some J-Term courses will be offered in person. Find additional details in the PDF of the Preparedness Plan.

Course Delivery Models

Three basic types of course design – in-person, mixed mode and online – provide flexibility based on programmatic, faculty and student needs, while aligning with best practices in teaching and learning to promote student success.

Technology to Support Instructional Models

All campus classrooms (300 classrooms), along with some additional spaces that are temporarily being used as classrooms, have been fitted with the appropriate technology to offer synchronous learning to students who are accessing a course virtually.

Document cameras are available in each classroom to support remote capture of documents, and new mobile cameras were installed to capture a view of the instructor, whiteboard and classroom during synchronous sessions.

In addition, microphones to capture lecture and classroom discussions have been installed, and faculty continue to be supported with resources to ensure their course design is optimized for the type of instruction offered. (See the PDF of the Preparedness Plan for details on faculty training and instructional support services.)

Additional Information for Students

Information regarding leave policies for students and accommodating students who cannot come to campus for courses can be found on the For Students page.

Additional Information for Faculty and Staff

Information regarding leave policies for faculty and staff (including student workers), and employee accommodations can be found on the For Faculty and Staff page.

NOTE: All information on these Campus Preparedness Plan webpages comes from the Preparedness Plan document. If you have questions about what you read on this website, please refer to the latest version of that document.