Student Research Opportunities

The Art History Student Research Grant provides funding to support student research involving domestic or international travel to visit archives, libraries, museums, buildings, and other research sites. Both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply. Preference is given to well-defined research projects that will allow students to gather primary source materials for a substantial research project (for example, a senior paper or qualifying paper). Please see the Art History Grant Student Research Guidelines document for full guidelines.


November 1 (for winter and spring travel)
March 1 (for summer and fall travel)

At the June 2010 Spirit of Summer fundraiser for the American Museum of Asmat Art at the University of St. Thomas, the University raised funds to support a scholarship fund in honor of Patricia Jaffray.  Her lifelong work for the arts and education in the Twin Cities is well known.  A Trustee of the University until her passing, she was enthusiastic about many causes, including international education.  For these reasons, this scholarship was named in honor of her and her work in the community and university. 

The purpose of the program is to continue to broaden awareness of the Asmat people through one-time student scholarships for students at St. Thomas who wish to take a seminar on the Asmat or engage in independent study or supervised research using the Asmat collection. The scholarship will encourage students unfamiliar with the Asmat to learn more. One student at a time, one class at a time, one research project at a time, we will continue to grow the visibility of the art and culture of this incredible people.

Jaffray Major Research Scholarship 

This scholarship, in the amount of $2500, is for an undergraduate or graduate art history student to research and write on Asmat art or culture in their capstone Senior Paper or Qualifying Paper.  The paper will conform to departmental guidelines for these papers and should be a substantive exploration of an issue or theme in Asmat art, and will include a presentation at the departmental research symposium.

Students interested in applying for the Jaffray Scholarship must submit a 750-word prospectus describing the topic, previous research or classwork, current scholarship on the topic, a description of the research and writing plan/timeline, and the proposed faculty sponsor.  The prospectus should have attached a select bibliography of scholarly work on the topic.  The prospectus should be submitted to the Chair of the Art History department, and a letter of support from the sponsor to the chair should be arranged.  Applications should be received by the end of add/drop period each semester for an award in that semester. Applications will be evaluated by a departmental committee that will include either the Director of Graduate Studies or the Chair, the Director of the American Museum of Asmat Art @ the University of St. Thomas, and one additional faculty member.


More about the life and work of Patricia Jaffray can be found at the following link to her obituary in the Star Tribune.

The Young Scholars Program awards individual grants to undergrad students at St. Thomas who are interested in spending an entire summer working closely with a professor on a significant research project or creative activity.

The university awards 3 to 4 summer stipends of $4000. each to undergraduate students annually (graduating seniors are not eligible). Students submit abstracts and research proposals to a cross- disciplinary university faculty committee in mid-March and decisions are made by April 1. Students who are chosen work on a project full-time for a period of at least 10 weeks during the summer. A paper detailing the results of the research project is due in mid-September.

Please contact a faculty member in the Art History Department to discuss a project you would be
interested in.

For more information contact David Steele at Each year ten to twelve students have been selected and funded by the university to present papers at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research on topics from a variety of disciplines within the curriculum. Students submit abstracts and applications on their completed research in late October; abstracts chosen by a rigorous method of selection are then submitted to the national committee; and students are informed about acceptance by February 1.

The Luann Dummer Center for Women is pleased to offer several grant opportunities for faculty, staff and students. Information for all grants and awards is available in the Center, room 103 OEC.

Research grants of $1000. are available from the Grants and Research Office to support undergrad students who want to design a research project to be carried out in close collaboration with a faculty member during spring semester 2011. Deadline for applications is Friday, Nov. 12.

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