Admissions Counselor Abeye Cherinet (second person on the left) helps prospective students check in during the kickoff of the Tommie Overnight event.

Costs for Future Students

2023-2024 Estimated Program Cost

Tuition: $50,788
Fees: $1,496
Housing: $8,724
Food: $5,040

Total Estimated direct costs = $66,048

Tuition is billed at a single rate for students enrolling in 12-18 credits per semester. Students enrolling in more than 18 credits will incur a $1,500 overload tuition charge with no additional per-credit charges. The housing estimate is based on the weighted average of first-year residence hall options.

The University of St. Thomas also encourages students to plan for indirect costs associated with attending the university. These costs include books and supplies, transportation, loan fees (if applicable), and personal expenses. We estimate these costs to be $3,596 for the school year.

All costs are estimated pending final approval by the Board of Trustees, expected May 2023.

Note: International students are charged an additional $2,272/year for health insurance.

Updated: 7/23