Mapping the Curriculum

A Low-tech Model for Synthesizing Assessments and Improving Learning at Multiple Levels

Fall 2017

By Sarah Smith (University Learning Assessment Analyst)

We can improve student learning at multiple levels by mapping the curriculum. An article published in the Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education's Intersection (Summer 2017) shows how to align course and co-curricular learning to program-level and institutional level outcomes. Some of the benefits of curriculum mapping are: 

  • Helps faculty and staff see relationships between curriculum, co-curriculum and program learning outcomes. 

  • Helps identify if the curriculum is sequenced appropriately to allow students to acquire, practice and master the student learning outcomes. 

  • Encourages communication between faculty (full-time, part-time, new faculty) and staff. 

  • Increases the likelihood that students will achieve the student learning outcomes. 

  • When evaluating assessment results, the curriculum map may help guide curriculum improvements. 


Please contact Tonia Bock and Sarah Smith if you would like help creating and using a curriculum map for your program.