Welcome to the Department of Political Science


The faculty, staff and students of the Department of Political Science appreciate your interest in who we are and what we do.

As you browse this website you will see that we are a diverse group of people with a wide range of interests and skills.  What we share, however, is a commitment to inquiry and a passion to find out how our world works.  As faculty, we aim to stimulate the curiosity of our students by posing fundamental questions about the political character of society.  You will discover that answers to these questions are difficult to come by.  You will also discover that inquiry is a collaborative exercise involving not just the members of the faculty but your fellow students, your friends, family, and just about anyone else you might engage in conversation.  And, of course, you will discover the necessity of committing yourselves to a process of inquiry built upon a body of knowledge that has accumulated over many centuries of thinking and reflection.

We hope we take up this challenge.  Feel free to stop by my office and ask me more about the department, who we are and what we do.

Steve Hoffman, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair

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