Upcoming Cohorts

Thanks to its endowment and the generous in-kind contributions of the University of St. Thomas, the Murray Institute delivers tuition-free graduate degrees and certificates to Catholic school teachers, principals, and religious educators of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Academic programs are chosen based on the professional needs of educators in the archdiocese and on the program’s potential for enhancing the long-term success of its educational institutions. Typically the institute has six cohorts of students working on graduate degrees or certificates at any one time. When one cohort ends, another is launched as resources allow.

The Murray Institute expects to offer the following programs in upcoming semesters:

Fall 2014 Certificate in K-12 Learning Technology 1.5 years
Fall 2014 Certificate in Mathematics Education 1.5 years
Fall 2014  Intermediate to Advanced Pastoral Spanish 2 years
Spring 2014 Master of Arts‌ in Reading (K-12)

2.5 years


Featured in these images are members of Cohort 30 that completed a graduate certificate in K-12 Learning Technology in spring 2013.