St. Thomas is a community of learning that is enriched by the wide variety of experiences and perspectives of its students, faculty and staff. The University is committed to building a diverse campus community to ensure that student, faculty and staff members can explore their interests, discover new academic and extracurricular pursuits, and just as importantly, learn from each other. Our programs emphasize cross-cultural competence, enabling students to be useful members of a global society. Providing service to students and faculty consistent with the mission of the University of St. Thomas is an important objective of the office. Consulting and outreach services are available for students, faculty, staff, academic departments, parents, and community groups.

Looking for events that happen on campus, off campus and in the community around diversity and inclusion?  Please visit Student Diversity and Inclusion Services website, where you will find an event calendar of a variety of events sponsored by UST student clubs, departments and other organizations.