Sacred Space: 2016-2017 Speaker Series

Sacred Space: 2016-2017 Department of Art History Speaker Series

The act of denoting a space, place, or object as extraordinary - identifying it as sacred - is a fundamental component of the human experience. Across all cultures and time, people have sacralized space to commemorate past events and create places of ritual and worship. Our impulse to establish sacred space is as relevant today as it was millennia ago. The spiritual or venerable nature of a space is not defined by the size or formality of its structure. Spontaneous memorials that spring up at the sites of tragedies around the world share their motivations with ancient pyramids of the Americas, cathedrals of Medieval Europe and imperial palaces in China. What deems a site, building or memorial sacred? What is the role of the sacred in today’s increasingly globalized and multicultural experience?

This year, the Department of Art History will host three distinguished speakers on the topic of sacred space:

October 7, 2016
6pm, O’Shaughnessy Educational Center Auditorium
'Sacred Histories'
Dr. Dell Upton
Professor of Architectural History at University of California, Los Angeles

December 2, 2016
6pm, O’Shaughnessy Educational Center Auditorium
'The Question of Muslim Sacred Space in 21st-Century Germany'
Dr. Alisa Eimen
Professor of Art History at Minnesota State University

April 28, 2017
6pm, O’Shaughnessy Educational Center Auditorium
'Palace into Temple: Architecture at Chan Chan, Peru'
Dr. Joanne Pillsbury
Andrall E. Pearson Curator of Ancient American Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

All events are free and open to the public and handicap accessible. For accessibility requests contact: (651) 962-6315.

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