War/Art/Peace: 2014-2015 Department of Art History Speaker Series

Throughout history, times of conflict and peace have influenced society’s visual culture and built environments. What then are the roles and responsibilities of artist and architect working in reaction to such conditions? How can visual expression convey moments of reflection or protest, or act as a means of healing and remembrance? This year, the Department of Art History will host four lectures‌ on issues centered on the social, cultural, and political effects such times have. The speakers’ individual talks will address themes from the immediate impact war has on art and popular culture to the lasting memorialization that occurs with architecture. These leitmotifs carry through to our fifth annual University of St. Thomas Graduate Student Research Symposium, War/Art/Peace, where students from around the country will present papers demonstrating the influence war and peace has on our visual world.

The series begins on Friday, September 19 with Dr. David Lubin, Charlotte C. Weber Professor of Art at Wake Forest University, presenting the keynote address for the Graduate Student Research Symposium.


Special thanks to the University of St. Thomas Justice and Peace Studies Department, for helping to make this talk possible.


2014-2015 Speaker Series Poster

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