Graduate Representative and Assistant

Soren Hoeger-Lerdal, Graduate Student Representative

I became interested in the arts at a young age, my parents determined to raise cultured children by bringing us to exhibitions and gallery openings. It was not until my undergraduate degree and my first survey course that I realized that Art History was more than simple visual stimulation or factual regurgitation. I obsessed over England's National Gallery during World War II and the public desire to see their hidden masterpieces. It taught me that art is not only about historical context, but also contemporary significance, a visual cipher for all generations to interpret. I chose the University of St. Thomas for the broad spectrum of seminars and student research topics, with the hope that more examples of art's interpretive endurance, like that of the National Gallery's story, existed around the world. Once I began in the Fall of 2011, the intimate classes, exclusive opportunities, and familial feel of the department proved this was the correct decision. 

Brady King, Graduate Program Assistant

I grew up drawing, painting, and appreciating the visual arts. It was during my freshman year of college at Saint John's University that I decided art was where my passion was. Completing a B.A. in studio art in 2008, it was the following year that led me to art history. I lived for a year in Rome and became overwhelmed yet fascinated with learning about Renaissance Art. This led me to the M.A. at St. Thomas. Currently, I am working on an Independent Study Project on the Renaissance Print Collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. I also serve as the Graduate Program Assistant for the Department, working behind the scenes and sending out the bi-weekly grad memo. I plan to write my Qualifying Paper in spring semester 2015.