Hey Scholars!

Due to the strong interest generated by the survey, we will be going to Skyzone! We will be going Thursday, May 8th from 6:30-8:30.Transportation will be provided and this event will be worth one point! 

So what do you need to do to go to Skyzone?

1.     Send me an email ( letting me know that you would like to go.

2.     Turn in $10 to Kathy Tischler in Aquinas 110 or to the Aquinas Scholars mail box 4303 by Thursday, April 24th!!!  (We need the money this far in advance because Skyzone requires payment at the time of reservation. Therefore, we need the money and numbers before we can make the reservation. Due to this, we will be unable to give refunds after the reservation is made if you can no longer make it.)


Please email me if you have any questions!


See you there!

Kelly Brenny

Aquinas Scholars Social Co-Chair

Aquinas Scholars Student Board General Election


The Aquinas Scholars Student Board is in need of fantastic, intelligent, and involved students and leaders like YOU to join the Board!

We have several (10!) positions open for you!

Here's a few perks for joining the Board:
1. Any position you have is a resume booster for leadership. As a part of the Board, you help to discuss ways to improve the program from simple events to a Program-wide scale decision.
2. Because of the meetings and time that you devote to planning events or doing tasks for the Board, your POINT REQUIREMENT IS WAIVED.
3. Meeting twice a month over convo hour gives you the opportunity for a free meal twice a month.
4. Last, and most importantly, YOU have a say in the direction the program goes. This varies from the move for an advanced registration for the entire Program to planning an honors section for the following semester for your peers. It's up to you and your vision for the Program that goes beyond the tasks that keeps the Program running.

Below you may find the number of positions AND the description of what is available to run for!

The elections will be held at 12:00 (convo hour) on April 22, 2014 in MHC 201.

If you are not able to make this meeting, but still want to run for a position, please email me and we will get you on the ballot!

You may sign up for the positions you want to run for on the board in the Scholar's Lounge, AQU 308, immediately to the right of the door once you walk in.

Please email me at if you have ANY questions!

Here are the positions:

ONE (1) Webmaster:

•         Maintains the Aquinas Scholars webpage and Blackboard site

•         Records all Scholars’ participation points.

•         Maintains and updates the Master Key Document (passwords, subscriptions, etc.).

•         Manages Scholars’ social media with assistance as necessary.

•         Attends the IRT information session.

•         Qualifications: Computer proficiency is necessary, website design experience is ideal.

ONE (1) Academic Events Chair:

•         Organizes academic events such as “Pizza with a Prof” each month

•         Tracks attendance of academic events and submits those names to the Webmaster for recording.

•         Maintains and updates the Academic Event Binder.


TWO (2) Service Events Chairs:

•         Organizes service events (possible events include “Feed My Starving Children,” “Habitat for Humanity” and/or “Relay for Life”).

•         Tracks attendance of service events and submits those names to the Webmaster for recording.

•         Coordinates with other groups at St. Thomas to take advantage of other service events happening in our community.

•         Maintains and updates the Service Event Binder.


TWO (2) Social Events Chairs:

•         Organizes social events (possible events include movie nights, Twins games, ValleyScare, Finals Feed, and Wild games). 

•         Collects money from the Scholars that signed up for events

•         Tracks attendance of social events and submits those names to the Webmaster for recording.

•         Guide the Freshman Representatives with planning the Freshman Retreat.

•         Maintains and updates the Social Events Binder.


ONE (1) Recruitment and Orientation Chair:

•         Attends recruitment events such as the “Fall Tommie Days.”

•         Plans the “Welcome Banquet.”

•         Tracks attendance of R&O events and submits those names to the Webmaster for recording.

•         Maintains and updates the Recruitment and Orientation Binder.


TWO (2) Publication Chairs:

•         Sends out emails for submissions to the journal

•         Publish a monthly newsletter, which provides details about upcoming events for that month, as well as recaps of past events and interviews with Board members.

•         Tracks submission participation and submits those names to the Webmaster for recording.

•         Maintains and updates the Publication Binder.


ONE (1) Ambassador(s):

•         Reads and reviews incoming Honors seminar proposals.

•         Plans the Scholarship and Fellowship event.

•         Attends and represents the Board at the Faculty Board meetings

•         Maintains and updates the Ambassador Binder.

•         Qualifications: The Ambassador has to have taken at least one Honors seminar.

Scholars Morning Social

Hello Scholars!

Starts your week off right with a Scholars Morning Social!

The social chairs are hosting an event at Coffee Bene in the campus library on Monday, April 14th from 7:45 to 10:00 AM. Just bring in your Aquinas Scholars coffee mug and receive a FREE cup of coffee and pastry

Didn't get a chance to buy a mug? No problem! You can purchase one at the event for a special reduced price of $6. Avoid the Monday blues by coming to socialize and enjoy free treats. 

This event is worth 1 point.

We'll see you there! 

Olga Zamulko 

Spring Semester - Pizza with a Prof

Clarification:  There is NOT a Pizza With A Prof event on March 20.
Thursday, April 10 – OSS LL18
Dr. Prichard on "Sleep Patterns"
Tuesday, April 15 – OSS LL18
Dr. Hankerson on "Monkey Predation"
Tuesday, April 29 – TBD
Dr. Fort on a topic that is yet to be determined (he is from the chemistry department)
All events are held from 11:45 am - 1:00 pm (convo hour), and are worth 2 points.  Pizza and pop are provided, as always.