Daniel Furey

Greetings, my name is Daniel Furey. I am currently a graduate student at the Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity, and I just recently completed my undergraduate degree St. Thomas with majors in Theology and Catholic Studies and minors in Education and Philosophy. I am very excited to be working with campus ministry this year as the Graduate Retreat Assistant, since it was originally through putting on retreats and other activities in youth ministry that my passion for studying theology was first sparked. As one who aims to begin teaching high school theology/religion after completing my degree, I am confident that my time working with and for the St. Thomas community will be both fulfilling and formative.

Dan's Mug Shot - Daniel Furey

Lisa Jaskowiak

Hi! My name is Lisa Jaskowiak.  I am a junior at St. Thomas majoring in Actuarial Science and Catholic Studies.  I love playing sports, getting coffee, making friends, and being a goofball.  Christ stole my heart a few years ago and now my goal each day is to try to bring the love of Christ to every person that I encounter. Feel free to stop by and say hi anytime!

Lisa Mug Shot - Lisa Jaskowiak