Annual Summit on Emerging Issues in Social Work Practice

Each year the Field Practice Institute has hosted an Annual Summit on Emerging Issues in Social Work Practice. This event is one of the distinctive ways in which the School of Social Work aims to foster a sense of seamlessness between education and practice. The FPI co-directors collaborate with community practitioners to both explore relevant topics and plan the event. The Annual Summit serves as a venue for dialogue regarding best practices, advocacy, collaboration, and networking.

Goal of summit:

To engage students, faculty, and community members in conversation to share best practices and develop strategies around emerging and critical issues in social work practice.

Summit History:

2018 - Healthy Communities: Broadening the Lens of Healthcare, Equity and Policy

2017 - Social Justice in Action: Creating Pathways to a Diverse Workforce

2016 - Engaging the Profession in Dialogue and Action on Racial Justice

2015 - Trafficking in Minnesota

2014 – Fostering Mental Health in an Education Setting: Implications for Micro, Mezzo, and Macro Practice

2013 – Emerging Issues in Social Work Practice: Voices of Alumnae

2012 – Clinical Social Work in Medical Settings