Course Descriptions

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Course Number Title Credits
DRSW  700 Hist. of SW & SW Education 3
DRSW  710 Social Work Education 3
DRSW  716 Obligations of Professoriate 3
DRSW  717 Ped in SW Edu: Theory & Prac 3
DRSW  718 Curric. Dev.: Mission, Purpose 3
DRSW  719 Creating Hybrid/Online Courses 3
DRSW  720 Soc. Work Theoretical Persp. 3
DRSW  721 Teaching Social Work 3
DRSW  722 Mixed Methods SW Research 3
DRSW  723 Engaged Scholarship 3
DRSW  724 Interprofessional Ed in SW Edu 3
DRSW  725 Teaching Practicum 3
DRSW  726 Writing for Publication 3
DRSW  727 Research and Scholarship 3
DRSW  730 Des.& Imp. Field Ed Prog 3
DRSW  731 Grant Writing 3
DRSW  732 Prog. Eval & Assess. 3
DRSW  733 Program Administration 3
DRSW  734 Supervision, Ment. & Fac Dev 3
DRSW  735 Independent Study 1 TO 3
DRSW  736 Int'l SW & Glob Perspectives 3
DRSW  790 Topics 1 TO 3
DRSW  800 Banded Dissertation 3

Required Courses

  • DRSW 700: History of Social Work and Social Work Education
  • DRSW 710: Social Work Education  
  • DRSW 716: Obligations of the Professoriate
  • DRSW 717: Pedagogies in Social Work Education: Theory and Practice
  • DRSW 718: Mission and Purpose through Curriculum Development
  • DRSW 720: Social Work Theoretical Perspectives
  • DRSW 721: Teaching Social Work  
  • DRSW 722: Using Mixed Methods in Social Work Research
  • DRSW 723: Engaged Scholarship
  • DRSW 724: Interprofessional Education
DRSW 725: Teaching Practicum    
  • DRSW 726: Writing for Publication
  • DRSW 727: Research and Scholarship
  • DRSW 800: Banded Dissertation


What is a "Banded Dissertation"?

Through our banded dissertation process, each graduate leaves the St. Kate’s – St. Thomas DSW program with three critical works of scholarship that are linked by issues, theme, pedagogy, or population.

Baseline for everyone: Two distinct, solo-authored publishable articles

  • One article must be based on research conducted while in the program
  • The second may be another research-based article or a conceptually or theoretically-based article

Options for the 3rd product:

  • Option 1: A third publishable article meeting the standard of the two required articles.
  • Option 2: A peer-reviewed publishable article that takes another form such as Teaching Notes or Narrative Essay for a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Option 3: A peer-reviewed presentation at a regional, national or international conference related to social work and/or the banded dissertation focus that is completed, with documentation of materials as required within the time in the program.
  • Option 4: The development of a new BSW or MSW course with peer-reviewed documentation of all materials

Students will work with course instructors and their banded dissertation adviser to ensure their works meet the "publishable" criteria. Students will complete all three products before graduation.