Permit Lottery for Fall 2020

Spring 2021 Resident Parking Permit Sales

Spring resident parking permits will be available for sale beginning Dec. 14. Due to current resident parking availability, a spring resident parking permit lottery will not be held. Permits need to first be purchased through the St. Thomas Parking Portal. Once the purchase has been made, the permit hang tag should be picked up from the Parking Services Office (MHC 106). Proof of ownership for the vehicle (insurance card or vehicle registration) must be presented when the hang tag is picked up.




All resident parking permits are awarded through a lottery. All resident students may enter the lottery. Priority for these permits is given to seniors, juniors and second-year students, then first year students.

Entering the lottery 

Option 1: Fill out and return a lottery form to the Department of Public Safety and Parking Services. 
Option 2: Complete Resident Permit Lottery form online.

Indicate what your class standing will be as of August 31. This information will be checked against the records at the Office of the Registrar. You will not be entered in the lottery if class standing information is incorrect.

Lottery winners will be notified on Sept. 2, 2020 via email.

Purchasing your parking permit:

Resident parking permits will go on sale Wednesday, Sept. 2. If you receive an email confirming that you have received a resident permit, complete the permit registration through Murphy Online. Starting on Sept. 2, and after you have completed the registration, come to the Parking Services Office at Murray Herrick 106 to pick up your permit.

Should you be selected in any lottery that you enter, you will have until 4:30 pm. on Friday, Sept. 11, 2019 to purchase your permit. Failure to do so by this date will result in your space being re-entered into future lotteries. Permits can be purchased at the Parking Services Office at Murray Herrick 106.

You will need the following items in order to purchase a permit/contract:

  • A valid St. Thomas identification card.
  • An accurate license plate number.
  • Proof of ownership for the vehicle you register (insurance card, registration, etc.) NOTE: Your permit is only valid for the vehicle to which it is registered. If you drive another vehicle, you MUST exchange your permit or obtain a temporary permit (by providing proof of ownership again.
  • Payment – all parking permits must be paid for by student account charge.